Lamborghini launches collectible stamps based on blockchain

Lamborghini, a famous Italian manufacturer of luxury sports cars, continues to use blockchain in its corporate operations. Among the latest technological developments, the well-known brand is applying Blockchain to digitize its collectible stamps.

Lamborghini is launching its first digital collectible stamps, the „Lamborghini Car Collection“. Driven by Blockchain technology, the new collection is a series of digital collectible stamps dedicated to the history of the world’s most iconic luxury branded cars.

The first stamp in the Lamborghini Automobile Collection is dedicated to Hurricane EVO RWD Spyder, a new model unveiled in May 2020, the firm officially announced on May 14. The announcement comes shortly after Lamborghini resumed production on May 4, following a temporary suspension of the company’s activities in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Lamborghini partners with local DLT-powered collectible startup
To deliver its new digital collectible stamps, Lamborghini partnered with a local collectible blockchain startup known as Bitstamps. The first Hurricane EVO RWD Spyder stamp is now available by downloading the application on iOS. The stamp will be issued in a limited and numbered edition of 20,000 pieces.

By using blockchain technology, the popular vehicle brand aims to ensure the history and uniqueness of each stamp, which represents a „unique“ digital object, said Lamborghini. After a Lamborghini digital stamp powered by Bitstamps is purchased, it will be available for resale, the firm said:

„The stamp can be purchased, collected or resold exactly like a paper stamp. The collection works in exactly the same way: you can admire it, check its progress, give away stamps or resell them.“

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stamp is 9.90 euros at the time of publication. It is not immediately clear what types of payment methods would be available to purchase the label on the platform. Cointelegraph contacted Lamborghini and Bitstamps for more details on the matter. This story will be updated in case they respond.

The chain of blocks is increasingly used to authenticate collector’s items
The Blockchain technology has found implementations in the digitization of artwork and collectibles related to sports, as well as in collectible digital stamps. In June 2019, Austrian Post also published a line of certified collectible stamps in blockchain. Apparently, Austrian Post’s digital stamps became the first stamps in the world to be authenticated using blockchain technology.

Lamborghini’s blockchain-enabled digital stamp is not the company’s first development involving blockchain technology. Last year, Lamborghini implemented blockchain sales to authenticate Lamborghini cars.

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The community also cites the Lamborghini brand in the popular community-centered phrase, „When Lambo? Often referred to as one of the most widely used phrases in cryptography (along with „When Moon?“), the phrase has become a symbol of the cryptographic boom promising users rapid riches through crypto currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC).